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Fun ideas for kids using Crystal water beads!

Need some new and creative activities for the kids? Here are a couple of ideas using amazing crystal water beads!

1) Decorative Display:
Order water pearls in a variety of colors. Find clear containers, and various materials such as small toys/ figurines, etc. Decide on a theme, perhaps with a particular room in mind. For example, have them make a fish themed display for the bathroom. Layer various colors, such as in this example, blues and greens to give a “water” feel, inserting toy fish and perhaps shells along the sides to create an ocean scene! You can even add our Aqua scents and have it be a room freshener in disguise! Go one step further and add a submersible light for a truly intriguing display.

Perhaps the kids like dinosaurs, space ships, zoo animals, flowers … whatever their interest is, they can create a unique and personalized decoration in their choice of colors…and shapes too! Water beads come in not only 2 sizes, they come in “marbles”, cubes and there are also ones that look like crystal rocks!

2) Forget the lemonade stand!
Set the kids up with their own table at your next yard sale, (or even just one of those days they have an itch to make some spending money!) selling pre-made vases or candle holders filled with water beads of various colors. Pick up some inexpensive containers at your local dollar or discount store and order a good supply of water beads, keeping in mind we do have wholesale deals! Let the kids have an amazing experience in creating and selling an awesome product!

Keep in mind that whatever doesn’t sell, you can have them give as gifts to friends, relatives, neighbors and teachers. Everyone will love them!

Feel free to contact us with any questions, and with all of your Crystal Water Bead needs!

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Plan ahead for Fall decor with gel water beads

As our thoughts move from summer plans, to those of school and cooler weather, why not start thinking about some exciting Fall centerpieces for your tables and beyond? Gel water beads are a perfect medium to use to make unique and eye catching creations!

One idea is to gather several tall, narrow, clear containers; vases, jars, even drinking glasses!-(it’s best to use at least 3 in each grouping.) Using fall inspired colored water beads, in such choices as red, yellow, orange, and black, your can then layer several colors, (after hydrating,) in each or use one color per container. Group on a table, or even a window sill! For even more drama, add a submersible light either at the bottom, middle, or top of your creations for a beautiful glow.

For a striking botanical feel, fill a low, wide, clear vase or container with a single color choice of hydrated water beads. Black or red look particularly good with this project. Next, insert sprigs of faux/silk foliage in both green and fall colors. You can stick with just the foliage, or add some silk sunflowers for even more color.

You can also take this second idea a step further and use real, fresh sprigs of plants, leaves, and flowers, as the water beads will provide the moisture for them! This will definitely bring some of that beautiful fall feel into your home.

Be prepared for all of the ooohs and aaaaahs over your unique decorations!

Contact us with any questions, or head on over to Crystal Water Beads and order today.

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Water Beads Can Make Your Centerpiece Decorations Pop!

People have been using flowers as decoration since 3000 B.C. when Egyptians first started to adorn their banquet tables with colorful wreaths & bouquets. But after so many years of use, how do you come up with a floral arrangement that is new, exciting, and appropriate for the 21st century? The answer is water beads! Water beads come in every color of the rainbow, so no matter what your color scheme is, we have you covered. Plus, with a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, you can be sure that water beads will fit into any décor.

It’s as easy as one, two, three to use water beads to brighten up your centerpiece decorations:

1. Place the beads in a large bowl of room temperature purified water

2. Let them sit overnight.

3. Create amazing, beautiful centerpieces!

A more detailed set of instructions can be found here!

Water beads not only look stunning, they actually provide all the water needed for flowers and plants to flourish. Originally designed for farmers with hydration in mind, water beads absorb a vast amount of moisture and then disperse it to the surrounding plants as needed. That means no more checking the water level in your vases, and no more time spent lugging a watering can around the house. Plus, because water beads never release more water than your fresh-cut flowers need, the unpleasant odors caused by leaf and stem rot are a thing of the past!

So, have you made the switch to water beads yet? With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and price match promise what is there to lose? Start simplifying your life – contact us and make the switch to water beads today!

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Water Beads Crystals for Flowers & Plants

Beautiful, useful, fun!

Not just for watering your plants, water beads can also be used to just decorate your home
This revolutionary product is bringing style and color into the home, while conserving water and maintaining your plants for you, automatically.

Originally invented for the farming industry to help keep moisture from evaporating out of the soil so quickly. These water absorbing beads for plants absorb tons of water and then slowly disperse it to it’s surroundings.
Little to no evaporation into the air, wasting valuable water.

Soak each waterbeads color separately, then design your own style. The water will slowly disperse to your plants or flowers as needed.
After you hydrate yourCrystal Water Beads they will properly disperse water slowly so your fresh-cut flowers and plants get the water they need to survive and flourish! Our WaterBeads are designed to disperse water to plants, not just for decoration. Plus, they will hold their shape for years if properly cared for.
See our Water Beads!

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New Glow in the Dark Water Beads!

We are proud to show of our newest product, Glow in the dark! See it here Glow in the Dark

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