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November 21st, 2012
Water beads are these perfect little soil crystals that not
November 15th, 2012
With Halloween just behind us, many families are gearing up

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Make Your Own Party Mix with Crystal Water Beads

What are water beads? They are decorative elements that let you be just about as creative as you want to be with your home decor all year long without spending a lot of money.

Water beads start out in a small packet of little beads. When you add them to the proper amount of water they turn it into a colorful and decorative solution for those vases you have around the house.

One of the most appealing features of water beads is that they feel so cool to the touch. Little kids love to run their fingers through them as do adults if they were to be totally honest.

You can find many ways to decorate using Crystal Water Beads especially when you make your own party mix, an option available on the web shop.

What are the make your own party mix options? Choose two, three or four water bead colors to build your own mix of color water beads. You can choose from large or regular sizes.

Color options include Black, Orange, Blue, Clear, Yellow, Coral, Gold, Purple, Green, Pink, Teal or White crystal water beads to suit your personal color tastes and decorating style. You can mix and match your colors and sizes.
Eack party mix pack weights 5 grams and will make approximately 3 cups of hydrated beads. They are non-toxic (still not for human consumption), non-fading, odorless, biodegradable, economical and make a good alternative to soil.

You can use them in small to large vases or other clear glass containers to decorate for any holiday including Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. You can be as creative as you want and add various elements to your vases/clear containers for unique decor.

If you are not creative you can find unique ideas for using these beads online and for holiday decoorating. Pre-packaged party mixes are also available if you are not the type who feels confident about choosing your own colors. It is also easier for people who live very hectic lives. You get to choose from regular sized or large water bead party mixes.

If you want to jazz up your decor and your party mix you can do so with Aqua Scents also available when you are choosing your party mix blends. This way you have the decorative element that adds beauty to your home no matter what the season and pleasant scented solutions to create a fresh-smelling environment.

There is so much you can do with this absorbent polymer technology. If you have questions or concerns about this kind of product you can contact us and your queries will be addressed.

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Crystal Water Beads: Not Just for Grown-Ups

As the weather is getting cool and leaves are fading fast, we tend to move our activities indoors. No more pool parties or fun days in the park for awhile, which can sometimes be a hassle if you’re a party planner. Children’s birthdays can get especially difficult when they must be held in the months between October and February. How many parties at Chuck E. Cheese can one person plan?! And if you can’t go outdoors and let nature do the decorating, you’re often times left with the “streamer and balloon” go-to. Ho-hum. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Crystal water beads can turn a blah cake table, decorated with crepe paper and confetti, into a wow highlight of your party.

For your little princess, there’s a pink, purple, and clear water bead party mix on sale right now that would go great in a vase, surrounded by all the sparkle and frills you can stand. And our submersible water lights would add even more “bling” to her glitzy celebration.

Do you have a ittle boy who is exactly that? ALL BOY? Grab some black and gold water beads for an awesome centerpiece at a Batman bash. Or you could snag our regular party mix containing blue, green, and orange beads (which is also a special item on sale right now) and turn your party place into Lego Land.

And if your little ones aren’t so little anymore and have outgrown princesses and Legos, water beads can spice up their parties, too. Shabby chic is all the rage right now. So take a white and coral party mix, or even a white and teal mix and fill up some Mason jars and top it off with a twine bow. Your teen girly-girl will find out how “in” you really are! And for that tough-guy who’s too old for Super heros and cartoons, pick up the large red, black, and white party mix to match his rock-n-roll attitude. And those red, black, and white beads? Yep, also on sale!

So don’t let the coming winter put the gloom on your kids’ parties. Get creative with some Crystal Water Beads and make being trapped inside a little more bearable. If you have any questions on what water beads are and how they work, contact us and maybe get on over to our site and get in on some of those great specials!

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Water Beads Are Perfect For Themed Decorations

Water beads are these perfect little soil crystals that not only keep your plants hydrated but can be used for most any theme. Whether it’s for a wedding, party or that you simply want to make your home look stunning with a themed idea, water beads help any decoration look beautiful.

For instance, if you have a home near the water and love a nautical theme, you can get water beads in a variety of colors. Imagine how pretty blue, white or teal water beads will look in your vases. The red and green water beads are an excellent choice for your Christmas ideas and there are a variety of colors available that are perfect for parties and events.

The best thing is that the water beads last for quite a while. Once you use them you can expect them to last about a couple of years. If they are stored after all of the water is removed and kept in an airtight container you can get much longer; up to a few years.

That means you can use the ones you want during holidays and show off your decorating skills with themed ideas throughout the rest of the year.

Your guests will love how beautiful your arrangements look and you’ll love how easy it is to create. Not only are these clean and easy to use but they are perfect in any environment. When you’re ready to create an elegant and impeccable look to your home or event just contact us and we can help you find the right colors and ideas for your creation.

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Colorful Centerpiece Decorations That Will Carry You Through The Holiday Season

With Halloween just behind us, many families are gearing up for the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all times when families come together. This means special decorations with the proper color themes and images. Centerpiece decorations can be the perfect way to add a little color and festivity to your home.

With four holidays right in a row it is important to be able to make your centerpieces match each theme. You will also need several pieces, one for the main table, one for the kids table and perhaps a few decorative pieces around the house –like on the mantle, coffee, sofa and side tables. With several major holidays falling so close together it can be important to find ways to get all the way through with low cost and less work.

Halloween and Thanks giving both fall in autumn. Halloween of course has a lot of significant color themes like black, orange and purple. Fall harvest is the big theme for both holidays. So your center piece should have lots of reds, browns, oranges and yellows in it. Moving into Christmas where red and green are the big colors but frequently blues and white are big symbols of winter. Finally with the New Year gold, silver and blues are always big color choices along with blacks left over from Halloween.

Of course the main table is not the only place for a centerpiece. Kids that often get toted of their own table like to feel like they are still a part of the festivities. A special centerpiece for the kids table can be a nice touch – one with lots of holiday symbols can make it fun and yet still appealing for them. Mantle pieces are a great way to add a little flare to your home with a beautiful flower arrangement or candle set. With the right colors it will light up your home perfectly. Finally wonder through and count how many tables you have in your home. Coffee tables, sofa tables and side tables are all wonderful spots for small pieces to keep the theme running and still be subtle enough and not too gaudy.

All these pieces can be done inexpensively with a few glass vases, some candles and different colors of water beads. Your reds, oranges and yellows can be used over and over to carry Halloween into Thanksgiving. Rearrange your greenery with different reds and green beads for Christmas. Cut down on your work for New Years and use clear, white and blue for both holidays. Crystal Water Beads will hold water for up to two weeks so you won’t have to worry about keeping your plants healthy. These inexpensive and simple tools can keep your home looking festive and bright through the entire holiday season.

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Creative Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorations with Water Beads

If you want a twist to the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, look no further than using water beads in your centerpiece. Water beads add a modern touch and are perfect to use as centerpiece decorations. If you are looking for something different this holiday season, try out these water bead centerpiece ideas.

Orange and Red Arrangement
This two colors signify fall and would be a gorgeous color scheme for your centerpiece. If you have an empty white translucent vase, you can fill it up with our red or orange water beads. You will want to jazz up the arrangement and maybe place a basket next to the vase with different types of orange hued vegetables. Mini pumpkins, kumquats, oranges, and even carrots will infuse your table arrangement with creativity. The water beads add a touch of elegance and contemporary perk to the centerpiece.
Water Bead Cornucopia
Most cornucopias are filled with the traditional fruits and vegetables, but you can jazz this up by adding a small selection of water beads. Using one simple color hue of water beads will give it a monochromatic and modern effect, or you can use multicolored water beads for a festive look. Place other decorations inside of the cornucopia to make it full, such as fake clothed fruits.

Dried Flower Cornucopia
If your home has a rustic style to it, why not jazz up your Thanksgiving feast table with a taste of country? If you have a garden, you can easily pick your favorite flowers and dry them for your old fashioned centerpiece. You can also purchase dried flowers at craft retailers. An old worn cornucopia will complete this look, simply add the dry flowers around the base of it and inside. For a modern touch, add colorful water beads and place them around the flowers or in a small glass next to the centerpiece.

These interesting Thanksgiving decorating ideas are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. If you have any questions, contact us, and we’ll show you are extensive items available to purchase.

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