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Crystal Water Beads – Perfect for a College Dorm

College dorms are notorious for being small, bland and boring. Typically they are tiny rooms with few windows if any, all meant to be shared by two people. For decades parents and students have been trying to find new and unique ways to bring light, color and individuality to dorm rooms. Crystal water beads are a great way to do just that.

Crystal water beads come in a variety of colors; making it simpler to individualize. You can use all one color, or several different colors to add a little unique flare. Choosing a small vase or jar will work nicely or you can make good use of the souvenir hurricane glass from that great trip to New Orleans! Team up a great container with an awesome color or water beads and top it off with a great plant to bring the outdoors in. You can use a nice little bamboo plant or even a little silk flower arrangement, or display the roses you get from that hot guy in Chemistry!

Keep in mind that plants need water – not always conducive to a busy college schedule complete with sports, jobs and sorority rush activities. With water beads you plant it and forget it! The beads will keep your plant healthily watered for you! They make the weekend visit to mom and even spring break a breeze. You don’t have to trust your precious plant to your room mate or suite mate.

College students are constantly looking for a way to spruce up the drab walls and space of their dorm. Colorful water beads in a great vase with the perfect plant are a great way to make your space really yours.

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Water Beads For Plants Will Save You Time and Give Your Home A Great Look

Any home owner will tell you how much having plants dispersed throughout the house will help give your place its own, unique look and personality. These give the home life and help you present a welcoming atmosphere to your place. Because of this, many people buy plants not knowing how much it takes to keep them alive. You need some time each day to water them and make sure they are in good health. If you are a busy body without time to do this each day but love the way plants bring your home to life, you may want to look into some water beads for plants. They not only help keep your plants independent but also give them their own diverse look and feel.

By using water beads as a way to to keep your plants alive, you will be freeing up plenty of time for you to spend with family and friends or getting caught up on work. The way they work is that they soak up plenty of water that will be systematically dispersed to the plant periodically so that it can get the nutrients it needs to stay alive when you do not have time to water it. This is a great technology that will certainly make sure you can have plants in your home without worrying about them dying every couple weeks.

What is even more interesting about these water beads is the fact that they can be used as a decoration method. The beads come in all types of shapes and colors, which will give you options as to how you want your plant to pop out to people when they enter the room. Whether you want to use them as centerpiece decorations or just hanging in a corner, these beads will have people talking.

Water beads for plants are clearly a great way to spend your money if you are a new homeowner. Not only do they help keep you plant alive, but they also give it its own amazing look. These beads are a must have! Contact us today and get some of your very own.

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Water Beads Help You Enjoy Your Vacation

Don’t tell me it’s never happened before. You go out of town for a few days, confident that your container garden is sufficiently hydrated to make it through the vacation. The leaves are green, the stems are strong. You come home to sad, wilted plants that don’t have the strength to bear fruit. Months of work, erased in such a short time.

Or maybe you have a houseplant in a room that isn’t often visited. Do you come in, only to see brown leaves scattered on the ground?

Thankfully, these days are a thing of the past. Hydration technology has evolved such that gardeners need not worry about dry conditions as much as they used to. The next time you’re repotting a plant, add in some of our water beads or Hydro Soil. In fact, you can even add them in without repotting — just mixing it into the top few inches of soil.

These special beads are water-saving polymers that help store water, even in dry conditions. You’ll find yourself watering less and reaping more from your plants. A happy, well-watered plant is a fruitful plant. So you’ll see more crops from your fruit and vegetable plants and more healthy looking houseplants.

You’ll even find yourself adding water beads and Hydro Soil to your bedding plants and trees in your yard. With the droughts of this summer, even trees with deep roots are having trouble finding water. Mixing in our crystals with the existing soil will help your outdoor plants go many days longer between watering. That’s good news for your plants AND for your wallet.

We’ve done the hard part: creating the technology to keep your plants happy and healthy. Your job to add it to the soil is easy. Contact us to learn more today. And then stay on vacation for an extra day or two. We’ve got your plants covered.

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Planting ideas for your kids

Gardening with your kids could be a fun activity for the whole family. Are you looking for something to do on a boring day with your kids? How about something that is fun and educational instead of TV or videogames? Well, look no further!

Planting can be a great activity for your kids because:

– It’s fun
– It’s educational
– It teaches them basic biology
– It also teaches kids about responsibility

It can be a great way to show your kids how to be responsible. They have to water and care for the seedlings if they want them to grow. If they are neglected they will not grow. So use this as an opportunity to show them how to be responsible.

A great media for kids to plant in are egg cartons. They are simple, cheap, and make less mess. Grab some potting soil, and some egg cartons, and our seeds of choice. You could successfully plant an egg carton herb garden. Using the egg cartons is as simple as filling them with soil, planting the seeds in each spot of the carton, and watering them.

One other great way for kids to grow things are socks. Have your child put on old pair of socks over their shoes. Next have them walk around a grassy area, or with a lot of plants. Then take a show box, and line it with a plastic bag, put the socks in the show box, fill it with soil, and water it. Socks are great at picking up seeds. Plants drop seeds everywhere. This could be an interesting experiment to see want kind of seeds you can find. Planting is a rewarding activity for children as well. They get to see something that they cared for, grow, and bloom.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some seeds, and get planting people!

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Water Beads Make a Bold Statement for Vases

People constantly strive to surround themselves with nature’s beauty. Consequently, they are eager to bring the outside in by showcasing beautiful bouquets in glass vases. The transparent quality of the glass allows the viewer to see all aspects of the flowers’ natural aspects: blooms, leaves, and stems–the way nature intended. You may ask yourself then how can this beauty be improved upon? An aesthetically pleasing addition that compliments and doesn’t detract is water beads for vases.

There are a greater variety of crystal water beads than you might first imagine. Their iridescent beauty comes in a rainbow of colors, sure to suit your every need. Having a wedding? We have clear or white products that will prove the perfect backdrop to your arrangements. Throwing a fun birthday party for a friend? Then perhaps try a vibrant blue or bright magenta to spice up the celebration. You can even mix the colors that you most love for a designer look all your own.

In addition to the array of colors, we also offer choice in size. If you have a smaller arrangement, perhaps you want to use our regular sized beads. Larger vases may call for larger beads or a mixture of the two sizes for a novel appearance.

Your arrangements with our crystal beads will only be as limited as your imagination. If you are new to floral arrangement, don’t panic. We even offer some video tutorials on a variety of topics that can help you create professional-looking presentations that won’t cost you exorbitant amount of money and that will give you the pleasure of creating something beautiful yourself.

Please contact us today to explore how we can assist you in making your floral design all that more eye catching and individual.

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