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November 21st, 2012
Water beads are these perfect little soil crystals that not
November 15th, 2012
With Halloween just behind us, many families are gearing up
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Water Beads Are Perfect For Themed Decorations

Water beads are these perfect little soil crystals that not only keep your plants hydrated but can be used for most any theme. Whether it’s for a wedding, party or that you simply want to make your home look stunning with a themed idea, water beads help any decoration look beautiful.

For instance, if you have a home near the water and love a nautical theme, you can get water beads in a variety of colors. Imagine how pretty blue, white or teal water beads will look in your vases. The red and green water beads are an excellent choice for your Christmas ideas and there are a variety of colors available that are perfect for parties and events.

The best thing is that the water beads last for quite a while. Once you use them you can expect them to last about a couple of years. If they are stored after all of the water is removed and kept in an airtight container you can get much longer; up to a few years.

That means you can use the ones you want during holidays and show off your decorating skills with themed ideas throughout the rest of the year.

Your guests will love how beautiful your arrangements look and you’ll love how easy it is to create. Not only are these clean and easy to use but they are perfect in any environment. When you’re ready to create an elegant and impeccable look to your home or event just contact us and we can help you find the right colors and ideas for your creation.

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Colorful Centerpiece Decorations That Will Carry You Through The Holiday Season

With Halloween just behind us, many families are gearing up for the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all times when families come together. This means special decorations with the proper color themes and images. Centerpiece decorations can be the perfect way to add a little color and festivity to your home.

With four holidays right in a row it is important to be able to make your centerpieces match each theme. You will also need several pieces, one for the main table, one for the kids table and perhaps a few decorative pieces around the house –like on the mantle, coffee, sofa and side tables. With several major holidays falling so close together it can be important to find ways to get all the way through with low cost and less work.

Halloween and Thanks giving both fall in autumn. Halloween of course has a lot of significant color themes like black, orange and purple. Fall harvest is the big theme for both holidays. So your center piece should have lots of reds, browns, oranges and yellows in it. Moving into Christmas where red and green are the big colors but frequently blues and white are big symbols of winter. Finally with the New Year gold, silver and blues are always big color choices along with blacks left over from Halloween.

Of course the main table is not the only place for a centerpiece. Kids that often get toted of their own table like to feel like they are still a part of the festivities. A special centerpiece for the kids table can be a nice touch – one with lots of holiday symbols can make it fun and yet still appealing for them. Mantle pieces are a great way to add a little flare to your home with a beautiful flower arrangement or candle set. With the right colors it will light up your home perfectly. Finally wonder through and count how many tables you have in your home. Coffee tables, sofa tables and side tables are all wonderful spots for small pieces to keep the theme running and still be subtle enough and not too gaudy.

All these pieces can be done inexpensively with a few glass vases, some candles and different colors of water beads. Your reds, oranges and yellows can be used over and over to carry Halloween into Thanksgiving. Rearrange your greenery with different reds and green beads for Christmas. Cut down on your work for New Years and use clear, white and blue for both holidays. Crystal Water Beads will hold water for up to two weeks so you won’t have to worry about keeping your plants healthy. These inexpensive and simple tools can keep your home looking festive and bright through the entire holiday season.

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Don’t Forget To Water Me! Use Water Beads!”

Have you ever gotten back from a short vacation only to come home to your plants drooping, aching, brown leafed and sad? You can almost hear their tiny plant voices crying out, “You left us! You forgot all about us!” It brings a tear to my eye.

Then gain, not all of us have, “Don’t forget to water the plants,” at the top of our priority lists. Life can get busy, and fast! Work, school, play, dinner and whatever else the universe can cook up for you, they’re all tugging at your limited attention and your poor plants just aren’t that loud when they ask for your help.

Well, thankfully you can get some water beads to help you along. Your plants will thank you! Bamboo pots, flows or even fresh-cut roses can all benefit from the use of water beads.

Water beads can act as a great, colorful addition to any plant you want to preserve. They’re colorful and fun on their own, but paired with your plant you can accent your room with some great colors and bring a little life into your home.

But, like I said, the best thing about the water beads for some people is the fact that you don’t have to remember anymore. You just let these little super absorbant polymer beads soak up some water, use them with your plants and forget about it for a while! You’ll cut down a ton on the amount of time you spend watering your plants.

Please contact us if you have questions about how our water beads work or how you can use them with your plants at home.

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New Glow in the Dark Water Beads!

We are proud to show of our newest product, Glow in the dark! See it here Glow in the Dark

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