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Combining Colors for Your Centerpiece

Nothing will make your centerpiece more intriguing and lovely than when you have more than one color. When you combine colors, you have so many options. Of course if you are trying to coordinate for a given theme or occasion, then it makes sense to use those colors. For a wedding, it would be practical to use the colors that the wedding party selected.

You can also be very unique and creative when you are combining colors. Sometimes, a subtle color combined with one or more bold colors can really be eye catching. If you aren’t sure what to go with, try it! There is nothing wrong with seeing where it leads. You can also go with some tried and true color schemes that you already know work well with each other!


Sometimes, simple is all you need and it can still have some elegance to offer for your centerpiece. You can’t go wrong with the combination of black and white. If you are sticking with two colors, you want them to be different enough that they won’t melt into each other. They will offer vibrancy as a pair and yet you can still pick out the individual colors with ease.

Some of those common combinations to consider include:

  • Blue and purple
  • Yellow and green
  • Red and orange
  • Brown and pink
  • Red and blue

There are seasonal color schemes that also work very well with each other. In the spring, light hues work well. For the winter, bolder colors are a great option. In the spring and fall, the mix of red with yellow, orange, or brown work very nicely.

Think about holiday type color schemes too. For example, around the 4th of July there is the option of red, white, and blue. For Christmas, green and red seem to be a very common theme. If you are providing the centerpiece for an anniversary, silver or gold work very nicely with other colors to help enhance the significance of the special occasion.

If you are still not confident in your selection process, use a color wheel to help you. It allows you to see the various colors and what works well with others. It can give you some new perceptions on the process and prevent you from going with something too conservative when you are interested in creating lovely looking centerpieces.

Have fun experimenting and expressing your creative side by combining colors for your centerpiece. Knowing what colors can work well with others will make such a project more fun and less work. The more you do so, the more you will feel confident about what you offer. Be ready for lots of great compliments to be coming your direction too!

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Using Crystal Water Beads to Create Never Before Seen Events Centerpieces

Designing events centerpieces using Crystal Water Beads is not only very easy but can turn out to be really fun as well. These colorful marble-like beads are so cheap that creating multiple amazing and beautiful centerpieces for special events and occasions will not cost you much. In fact, merely by spending around $15, you will be able create your very own interestingly elegant centerpieces. Moreover, you can fill up an entire vase with only handful of these beads by soaking them in water until they are swollen up. You can add these multicolored water beads to a variety of centerpiece designs that you can use not only for special occasions but as a décor item for your house as well.

Patio Light Centerpiece

If you have a patio then you would definitely want to have this lovely yet practical centerpiece. All you will need a one quarter jar, water beads and an outdoor solar light. All you will need to do create this simple yet stunning centerpiece is to fill half of the jar with the swollen beads, place the solar light inside and spread the rest of the beads on top to cover it. The solar light will make the beads glow and you can use this centerpiece as a lamplight as well, indoors or outdoors.

Elegant Floating Candle Centerpiece

You can enhance just about any table, whether in your house or in a special event, by placing this elegant and romantic floating candle centerpiece in the center. To create this centerpiece you will need a large clear, crystal bowl, preferably a fancy one that looks eye-catching. For this centerpiece you will use clear water beads, which will be spilled into the bowl to half fill it. Finally you will need three white Flower Floating Candles, which will be placed on top of the beads and will give the candles a floating effect.

Floating Flowers on Flower Water Beads

Again, you can use this centerpiece almost anywhere, whether it’s your kitchen or a wedding reception, and choose to use your favorite flowers. You will need a simple large deep circular bowl for this centerpiece. While daises will work really well with this centerpiece, you can use just about any flowers. You can use colored water beads but choose the color of the beads according to your flowers. For instance, if you are using daisies, then use yellow-colored beads. You can fill half of the bowl with the beads and place artificial or freshly cut flowers on top.

Underwater Flower Centerpiece

You probably have never seen or heard of a centerpiece like this before. Lucky for you, making this centerpiece is quite easy. The great thing about this centerpiece is that you can use all kind of any to create it, whether a wide-mouthed one or a long, slender one. It is better to use freshly cut flowers for this centerpiece. Place the flowers in the vase and pour water into vase so the flowers are submerged but leave some room at the top. Now pour clear water beads in water. Now, your flowers will be underwater in the water with the lovely water beads floating on top.

So you see that there a myriad of ways you can use water beads to create all sorts of events centerpieces, and even centerpieces that you use in your own house. It only depends on how creative you are and how you use your crystal water beads.

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Make Your Own Party Mix with Crystal Water Beads

What are water beads? They are decorative elements that let you be just about as creative as you want to be with your home decor all year long without spending a lot of money.

Water beads start out in a small packet of little beads. When you add them to the proper amount of water they turn it into a colorful and decorative solution for those vases you have around the house.

One of the most appealing features of water beads is that they feel so cool to the touch. Little kids love to run their fingers through them as do adults if they were to be totally honest.

You can find many ways to decorate using Crystal Water Beads especially when you make your own party mix, an option available on the web shop.

What are the make your own party mix options? Choose two, three or four water bead colors to build your own mix of color water beads. You can choose from large or regular sizes.

Color options include Black, Orange, Blue, Clear, Yellow, Coral, Gold, Purple, Green, Pink, Teal or White crystal water beads to suit your personal color tastes and decorating style. You can mix and match your colors and sizes.
Eack party mix pack weights 5 grams and will make approximately 3 cups of hydrated beads. They are non-toxic (still not for human consumption), non-fading, odorless, biodegradable, economical and make a good alternative to soil.

You can use them in small to large vases or other clear glass containers to decorate for any holiday including Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. You can be as creative as you want and add various elements to your vases/clear containers for unique decor.

If you are not creative you can find unique ideas for using these beads online and for holiday decoorating. Pre-packaged party mixes are also available if you are not the type who feels confident about choosing your own colors. It is also easier for people who live very hectic lives. You get to choose from regular sized or large water bead party mixes.

If you want to jazz up your decor and your party mix you can do so with Aqua Scents also available when you are choosing your party mix blends. This way you have the decorative element that adds beauty to your home no matter what the season and pleasant scented solutions to create a fresh-smelling environment.

There is so much you can do with this absorbent polymer technology. If you have questions or concerns about this kind of product you can contact us and your queries will be addressed.

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Water Beads Are Perfect For Themed Decorations

Water beads are these perfect little soil crystals that not only keep your plants hydrated but can be used for most any theme. Whether it’s for a wedding, party or that you simply want to make your home look stunning with a themed idea, water beads help any decoration look beautiful.

For instance, if you have a home near the water and love a nautical theme, you can get water beads in a variety of colors. Imagine how pretty blue, white or teal water beads will look in your vases. The red and green water beads are an excellent choice for your Christmas ideas and there are a variety of colors available that are perfect for parties and events.

The best thing is that the water beads last for quite a while. Once you use them you can expect them to last about a couple of years. If they are stored after all of the water is removed and kept in an airtight container you can get much longer; up to a few years.

That means you can use the ones you want during holidays and show off your decorating skills with themed ideas throughout the rest of the year.

Your guests will love how beautiful your arrangements look and you’ll love how easy it is to create. Not only are these clean and easy to use but they are perfect in any environment. When you’re ready to create an elegant and impeccable look to your home or event just contact us and we can help you find the right colors and ideas for your creation.

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Colorful Centerpiece Decorations That Will Carry You Through The Holiday Season

With Halloween just behind us, many families are gearing up for the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all times when families come together. This means special decorations with the proper color themes and images. Centerpiece decorations can be the perfect way to add a little color and festivity to your home.

With four holidays right in a row it is important to be able to make your centerpieces match each theme. You will also need several pieces, one for the main table, one for the kids table and perhaps a few decorative pieces around the house –like on the mantle, coffee, sofa and side tables. With several major holidays falling so close together it can be important to find ways to get all the way through with low cost and less work.

Halloween and Thanks giving both fall in autumn. Halloween of course has a lot of significant color themes like black, orange and purple. Fall harvest is the big theme for both holidays. So your center piece should have lots of reds, browns, oranges and yellows in it. Moving into Christmas where red and green are the big colors but frequently blues and white are big symbols of winter. Finally with the New Year gold, silver and blues are always big color choices along with blacks left over from Halloween.

Of course the main table is not the only place for a centerpiece. Kids that often get toted of their own table like to feel like they are still a part of the festivities. A special centerpiece for the kids table can be a nice touch – one with lots of holiday symbols can make it fun and yet still appealing for them. Mantle pieces are a great way to add a little flare to your home with a beautiful flower arrangement or candle set. With the right colors it will light up your home perfectly. Finally wonder through and count how many tables you have in your home. Coffee tables, sofa tables and side tables are all wonderful spots for small pieces to keep the theme running and still be subtle enough and not too gaudy.

All these pieces can be done inexpensively with a few glass vases, some candles and different colors of water beads. Your reds, oranges and yellows can be used over and over to carry Halloween into Thanksgiving. Rearrange your greenery with different reds and green beads for Christmas. Cut down on your work for New Years and use clear, white and blue for both holidays. Crystal Water Beads will hold water for up to two weeks so you won’t have to worry about keeping your plants healthy. These inexpensive and simple tools can keep your home looking festive and bright through the entire holiday season.

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