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  • Combining Colors for Your Centerpiece

    Nothing will make your centerpiece more intriguing and lovely than when you have more than one color. When you combine colors, you have so many options. Of course if you are trying to coordinate for a given theme or occasion, then it makes sense to use those colors. For a wedding, it would be practical to use the colors that the wedding party selected.

    You can also be very unique and creative when you are combining colors. Sometimes, a subtle color combined with one or more bold colors can really be eye catching. If you aren’t sure what to go with, try it! There is nothing wrong with seeing where it leads. You can also go with some tried and true color schemes that you already know work well with each other!


    Sometimes, simple is all you need and it can still have some elegance to offer for your centerpiece. You can’t go wrong with the combination of black and white. If you are sticking with two colors, you want them to be different enough that they won’t melt into each other. They will offer vibrancy as a pair and yet you can still pick out the individual colors with ease.

    Some of those common combinations to consider include:

    • Blue and purple
    • Yellow and green
    • Red and orange
    • Brown and pink
    • Red and blue

    There are seasonal color schemes that also work very well with each other. In the spring, light hues work well. For the winter, bolder colors are a great option. In the spring and fall, the mix of red with yellow, orange, or brown work very nicely.

    Think about holiday type color schemes too. For example, around the 4th of July there is the option of red, white, and blue. For Christmas, green and red seem to be a very common theme. If you are providing the centerpiece for an anniversary, silver or gold work very nicely with other colors to help enhance the significance of the special occasion.

    If you are still not confident in your selection process, use a color wheel to help you. It allows you to see the various colors and what works well with others. It can give you some new perceptions on the process and prevent you from going with something too conservative when you are interested in creating lovely looking centerpieces.

    Have fun experimenting and expressing your creative side by combining colors for your centerpiece. Knowing what colors can work well with others will make such a project more fun and less work. The more you do so, the more you will feel confident about what you offer. Be ready for lots of great compliments to be coming your direction too!

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