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November 21st, 2012
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November 15th, 2012
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  • Crystal Water Beads Make Lovely Centerpieces

    If you are looking to really looking to make your living room pop, you should seriously consider looking into using crystal water beads in your centerpiece. Crystal water beads are very versatile, only require a little water and uniquely add a lot of character to all of your decorative needs. Whether you are using a single color or a variety of colors, the beads give any room an exotic feel without having to spend a lot of money on high priced marble or glass stone. They are great compliments to flower arrangements and really make the arrangements come alive.

    The uses of crystal water beads are only limited by your imagination. When displayed in clear glasses or crystal vases, you have an unlimited number of options with decoration. Since the beads are so versatile, you can carefully layer the colors so that the colors of the beads match the surrounding decor of the particular room. You can also use the beads to supplement other house plants. Not only do the beads look beautiful along houseplants, they actually support and help the plants grow. You may also use the beads alone and illuminate them with a submersible light and watch as they beam in all of their glory.

    Whether at a dinner party, wedding reception or at any gathering, crystal water beads will give your celebration a beautiful quality that people will certainly be talking about. It’s all about flexibility with crystal water beads. However you decide to use them is unique to your own personality and style. In addition, they are an environmentally friendly and Green product. Create something that contains your own personal stamp on it and looks expensive without costing a lot of money.

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