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Don’t Forget To Water Me! Use Water Beads!”

Have you ever gotten back from a short vacation only to come home to your plants drooping, aching, brown leafed and sad? You can almost hear their tiny plant voices crying out, “You left us! You forgot all about us!” It brings a tear to my eye.

Then gain, not all of us have, “Don’t forget to water the plants,” at the top of our priority lists. Life can get busy, and fast! Work, school, play, dinner and whatever else the universe can cook up for you, they’re all tugging at your limited attention and your poor plants just aren’t that loud when they ask for your help.

Well, thankfully you can get some water beads to help you along. Your plants will thank you! Bamboo pots, flows or even fresh-cut roses can all benefit from the use of water beads.

Water beads can act as a great, colorful addition to any plant you want to preserve. They’re colorful and fun on their own, but paired with your plant you can accent your room with some great colors and bring a little life into your home.

But, like I said, the best thing about the water beads for some people is the fact that you don’t have to remember anymore. You just let these little super absorbant polymer beads soak up some water, use them with your plants and forget about it for a while! You’ll cut down a ton on the amount of time you spend watering your plants.

Please contact us if you have questions about how our water beads work or how you can use them with your plants at home.

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