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  • How to Create Simple Centerpiece Decorations Using Water Beads

    The first thing you need to do is find a table or shelf that needs a little extra something. Why not create custom centerpiece decorations with dazzling light catching Crystal Water Beads? You can incorporate your favorite plant or you can also use simple and elegant touches like tea light candles or other festive details.

    Take color into consideration before creating your centerpiece. The crystal water beads come in a variety of color options. You can mix and match to compliment your decor or you can create an interesting contrast with colors that work together in unexpected ways, for example; let’s suppose you have a dark red dining room wall color and deep brown wooden furniture. You could try mixing the teal shade with clear for a funky and fresh look that will work in spring and summer. Substitute clear for yellow if you really want to add a surge of energy to your look.

    The best thing about The Water Bead Store is the fact that there are so many colors to choose from and your style options are endless. The even better news is the fact that you get a lot of product for just a tiny bit of money. You can literally transform an entire space for about $5-$10 and really add that “wow” factor.

    The third step is to play around with your beads and find a container to create your one-of-a-kind art work. Try using a crystal bowl or clear glass plate with a turned up edge, add some water and place a few floating candles. You can even add a couple of blossoms from your garden to add an organic and breathtaking touch to your centerpiece decorations.

    The final step is to take your dinner party or other gathering to the next level with just a simple, easy, elegant and not to mention inexpensive touch. You friends and family will really be surprised as the candle light plays off of the crystal beads creating a glittery and beautiful eye catching focal point. You can certainly entertain with the best of them now and the fact that it is so easy really makes crystal water beads a decorator’s new best friend. Go ahead and contact us to see more products and ideas.

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