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Top Indoor Plants to Use with Water Marbles and Beads

Top Indoor Plants to Use with Water Marbles and Beads

Water marbles and beads are a wonderful way to stop worrying about watering your indoor plants as often. They are made out of a special polymer gel powder that will eventually break down into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Not only do they provide water for plants, but water beads also look beautiful as well. Here is a closer look at some of the benefits to using these beads and marbles, as well as a look at some of the top indoor plants to use with them.

Benefits of Using Water Marbles and Beads

Using these beads and marbles provide many excellent benefits. The following are some of the important benefits these water beads and marbles have to offer.

Benefit #1 – Steady, Slow Moisture – One of the benefits these beads have to offer is steady, slow moisture for your plants. This is particularly handy for individuals that do not have time to water plants on a regular basis.

Benefit #2 – Replaces Dirt or Potting Soil – For some plants, these water marbles can actually replace the dirt or soil, which means you don’t have to worry about the mess that dirt and soil can create. Of course, they can also be used along with soil to ensure the soil has constant watering.

Benefit #3 – Decorative Appeal – Last, these marbles also provide decorative appeal to your plants. They can stabilize plants while adding something special to your home décor. Just a few of the lovely colors available include purple, orange, black, clear, aqua, yellow, pink, coral and green.

Great Indoor Plants to Use with Water Beads and Marbles

Many different indoor plants will do well when you add these beads to them. Some plants will do well with just the beads. However, some plants are better with soil and beads. Other plants may not do well with the beads, since certain plants don’t need as much water as other. Some plants could even rot and die if you use the marbles with them. This is why it’s important to know which plants will grow well with the marbles.

Indoor Plants That Work Well with JUST Beads – One of the plants individuals commonly use these beads with is bamboo. It does very well with the beads. Other plants that will work well with JUST the beads and no soil include dragon plant, spider plants, arrowroot, heart leaf philodendron plants, dieffenbachia, dracaena and palms.

Other Plants That May Work Well with Marbles and Beads – Some other plants that work well with marbles and beads, often with soil and marbles combined, include schefflera, aloe, inpatients, paper whites, begonias, elephant ear and cypress.

DON’T Use Beads with These Plants – Certain indoor plants will not do well with these beads. Plants to avoid using with them include orchids, cacti and succulents.

As you can see, many plants will do well with water beads. Keep these guidelines in mind as you choose plants that you want to supplement with water marbles. You’ll make it easy to keep plants watered while adding something beautiful that complements yours plants’ natural beauty. If you have any questions on what water beads are and how they work, contact us and maybe get on over to our site and get in on some of those great specials!

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