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November 21st, 2012
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  • Unique Ideas That One can Do with Water Beads

    Water beads are polymers and are well known for their ability to keep floral arrangements hydrated, and for making eye-catching centerpieces. They were originally meant to add color, texture and shine to the water in a jar holding a floral arrangement. The impulse to explore, express creativity, and bring out the little scientist has led many to realize that water beads can also double as a stimulating play and learn tool for kids of all ages. Even adults find it hard not to join in the fun. Here are a few unique ideas for using water beads. 

    Exploring Water Beads Under Light

    For this bit of experiment, you can use a light box if you have one or make one yourself. The glass from a picture frame placed over a lamp will work just fine. Place the water beads on the light box and observe the glow. A cookie cutter or other shaping object can be used to form patterns/pictures in the beads. This can be done to create contrast by filling the cutters with different color beads. Remove the cutters once they are full and you will have a beautiful collage like result on the light box. This provides great fun for both the kids and the adults.

    Make Little Crystal Balls

    If you soak water beads long enough, they will lose their color. They become crystal clear and will trap images inside them. The way they reflect light and trap images make them appear like miniature crystal balls. The clear balls will become lost in water and can only be detected by touch. This makes them great for sensory play.

    Sensory Play

    There are varying ways of using water beads for sensory play. They can be placed in a container with water and the kids can try to separate them by color. As mentioned before, clear water beads will disappear once they hit the water. This means that the kids will only be able to locate them through the sense of touch and they usually enjoy this challenge. Adding water balls to shaving cream also makes for great sensory play.

    Paint with Water Beads

    Place water beads with different color tempera paint in separate cups. Set up a little paint area such as placing a sheet of paper in the bottom of a box. Allow the child to use the water beads in whatever manner he or she chooses to add color to the paper. They may decide to dump the entire contents of a cup on the paper and form a pattern as they fall or they may decide to drop a few beads from different cups alternately. Whatever they opt to do, it will make a colorful art piece.


    Water beads are fun to play with and they’ll allow you to experience a surprising sense of relaxation. There are many ways you and your kids can play with these colorful beads. Each game they play will help develop their learning skills.



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