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  • Using Crystal Water Beads to Create Never Before Seen Events Centerpieces

    Designing events centerpieces using Crystal Water Beads is not only very easy but can turn out to be really fun as well. These colorful marble-like beads are so cheap that creating multiple amazing and beautiful centerpieces for special events and occasions will not cost you much. In fact, merely by spending around $15, you will be able create your very own interestingly elegant centerpieces. Moreover, you can fill up an entire vase with only handful of these beads by soaking them in water until they are swollen up. You can add these multicolored water beads to a variety of centerpiece designs that you can use not only for special occasions but as a décor item for your house as well.

    Patio Light Centerpiece

    If you have a patio then you would definitely want to have this lovely yet practical centerpiece. All you will need a one quarter jar, water beads and an outdoor solar light. All you will need to do create this simple yet stunning centerpiece is to fill half of the jar with the swollen beads, place the solar light inside and spread the rest of the beads on top to cover it. The solar light will make the beads glow and you can use this centerpiece as a lamplight as well, indoors or outdoors.

    Elegant Floating Candle Centerpiece

    You can enhance just about any table, whether in your house or in a special event, by placing this elegant and romantic floating candle centerpiece in the center. To create this centerpiece you will need a large clear, crystal bowl, preferably a fancy one that looks eye-catching. For this centerpiece you will use clear water beads, which will be spilled into the bowl to half fill it. Finally you will need three white Flower Floating Candles, which will be placed on top of the beads and will give the candles a floating effect.

    Floating Flowers on Flower Water Beads

    Again, you can use this centerpiece almost anywhere, whether it’s your kitchen or a wedding reception, and choose to use your favorite flowers. You will need a simple large deep circular bowl for this centerpiece. While daises will work really well with this centerpiece, you can use just about any flowers. You can use colored water beads but choose the color of the beads according to your flowers. For instance, if you are using daisies, then use yellow-colored beads. You can fill half of the bowl with the beads and place artificial or freshly cut flowers on top.

    Underwater Flower Centerpiece

    You probably have never seen or heard of a centerpiece like this before. Lucky for you, making this centerpiece is quite easy. The great thing about this centerpiece is that you can use all kind of any to create it, whether a wide-mouthed one or a long, slender one. It is better to use freshly cut flowers for this centerpiece. Place the flowers in the vase and pour water into vase so the flowers are submerged but leave some room at the top. Now pour clear water beads in water. Now, your flowers will be underwater in the water with the lovely water beads floating on top.

    So you see that there a myriad of ways you can use water beads to create all sorts of events centerpieces, and even centerpieces that you use in your own house. It only depends on how creative you are and how you use your crystal water beads.

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