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November 21st, 2012
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November 15th, 2012
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  • Water Beads Make a Bold Statement for Vases

    People constantly strive to surround themselves with nature’s beauty. Consequently, they are eager to bring the outside in by showcasing beautiful bouquets in glass vases. The transparent quality of the glass allows the viewer to see all aspects of the flowers’ natural aspects: blooms, leaves, and stems–the way nature intended. You may ask yourself then how can this beauty be improved upon? An aesthetically pleasing addition that compliments and doesn’t detract is water beads for vases.

    There are a greater variety of crystal water beads than you might first imagine. Their iridescent beauty comes in a rainbow of colors, sure to suit your every need. Having a wedding? We have clear or white products that will prove the perfect backdrop to your arrangements. Throwing a fun birthday party for a friend? Then perhaps try a vibrant blue or bright magenta to spice up the celebration. You can even mix the colors that you most love for a designer look all your own.

    In addition to the array of colors, we also offer choice in size. If you have a smaller arrangement, perhaps you want to use our regular sized beads. Larger vases may call for larger beads or a mixture of the two sizes for a novel appearance.

    Your arrangements with our crystal beads will only be as limited as your imagination. If you are new to floral arrangement, don’t panic. We even offer some video tutorials on a variety of topics that can help you create professional-looking presentations that won’t cost you exorbitant amount of money and that will give you the pleasure of creating something beautiful yourself.

    Please contact us today to explore how we can assist you in making your floral design all that more eye catching and individual.

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