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November 21st, 2012
Water beads are these perfect little soil crystals that not
November 15th, 2012
With Halloween just behind us, many families are gearing up
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    1. Ericka says:

      Do all water beads come tiny at first in the pack, and then if water is added the water beads will grow? In this video I saw watching the blue beads grow in the water, is this the size the beads grow up to, or do they grow larger than shown in your video? And let's just say if the water level were either lower or raised than shown in the video would the beads just grow and adapt to the level of water? Does it always take 24 hours to fully grow the water beads? Thank you so much, Ericka

    2. Toby says:

      Hi Ericka,

      The beads start out smaller than a BB (2-4mm in diameter), and will grow to the diameter of a dime or larger depending on the type of bead.  The beads need about 6-8 hours to grow fully.  Each beads will stop absorbing water to a certain point, so if there is excess water it is best to drain if off.  It's better to use slightly more water and drain it off than less and have to add more water.  Hope that helps!  If you need any more help give us a call 641 209 1788, or use the contact us form. 



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