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A Marble Starter Pack = 150 Packs (8 Colors)

This is excellent for anyone on a budget looking to resell this product.


The Crystal Water Beads Starter Pack includes:

20 Packs of Blue Sky

20 Packs of Coral

20 Packs of Emerald

20 Packs of Jade

20 Packs of Lavender

20 Packs of Lemon

15 Packs of Orange

15 Packs of Megenta

All bags will be unmarked for your reselling purposes

Product Weight: 5 Gram Packs

(One Pack makes 3 Cups of hydrated product)

100% ColorFast (non - fade)

Beautiful and economical, just add water & enjoy

It's odorless and a great decorative substitute for soil

Does not contain fertilizer

Biodegradable and non-toxic

Availability: In stock


A Marble Starter Pack = 150 Packs (8 Colors)

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