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Crystal Water Bead Instructions

Water Bead Instructions:

Add contents of package to 5 cups of water per 5 grams (one packet) of Crystal Water Beads.  Allow to stand in water for 8 to 10 hours. 

Drain off excess water and use as desired. Using anything other than purified water to hydrate beads may result in less bead volume than possible.

  • One 5 gram packet makes 3 cups of hydrated beads.  To find out how many packets you will need find how many cups of water your vases hold and divide by three.  These beads can be sensitive and they can respond somewaht differently to different enviroments.


  • Our 1 lb bags contain the equivalent of 90 - 5 gram packets which will make 270 cups of product.


To store the beads, remove them from water.  Accelerate dehydration by spreading them out on a dry towel in the open air and out of a humid environment.  Once they are fully dehydrated to their original size, seal them in a air tight container such as Tupperware or Zip Lock.  For extended life, keep them out of direct sunlight and away from temperatures above 85 degrees F while storing.    

After hydration you can expect about two years of life from the beads. If left dehydrated and stored, expect many more years of storage life.  



  • Do not take internally.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Although this product is non-toxic, it may present a choking hazard for children.
  • Do not flush down drains.
  • For decorative use only.


Underwater (submersible) Light Instructions:

Lights will function for about 2 days of continual use. It is best to remove lights from water periodically to "rest" them.  This will extend their life cycle.

For "Ice Cube" lights wipe the metal terminals on the bottom with a dry cloth after each use.  Some residue from water minerals might naturally form between two metal terminals.

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