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Lights - Diamond (Qty: 4)

Our new Diamond lights are a great way to add some pazaz to your floral arrangement.


Our new Diamond  lights are a great way to add some pazaz to your floral arrangement.  These lights can be suspended in place in your water bead vase.  Size: Diameter is about 2" and height is 2.5".  They are turned off and on with a twist of the base.

Batteries will last from 4-7 days with continuous use under water(depending on your specific conditions). They will last longer if turned off periodically, just like a normal flashlight.

Replacement batteries can be purchased at most stores.

Multiple colors are available to choose from.

Please select your color choice below. (Rainbow change from one color to the next intermediatly.  Very Flashy.)

Blue, Red, Green, Amber, Rainbow

[Ex. 3 Blue, 1 Red]

Qty: 4

Availability: In stock

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Lights - Diamond (Qty: 4)

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