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Category Archives: Water Bead Decorating Ideas
Creative Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorations with Water Beads

If you want a twist to the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, look no further than using water beads in your centerpiece. Water beads add a modern touch and are perfect to use as centerpiece decorations. If you are looking for something different this holiday season, try out these water bead centerpiece ideas.

Orange and Red Arrangement
This two colors signify fall and would be a gorgeous color scheme for your centerpiece. If you have an empty white translucent vase, you can fill it up with our red or orange water beads. You will want to jazz up the arrangement and maybe place a basket next to the vase with different types of orange hued vegetables. Mini pumpkins, kumquats, oranges, and even carrots will infuse your table arrangement with creativity. The water beads add a touch of elegance and contemporary perk to the centerpiece.
Water Bead Cornucopia
Most cornucopias are filled with the traditional fruits and vegetables, but you can jazz this up by adding a small selection of water beads. Using one simple color hue of water beads will give it a monochromatic and modern effect, or you can use multicolored water beads for a festive look. Place other decorations inside of the cornucopia to make it full, such as fake clothed fruits.

Dried Flower Cornucopia
If your home has a rustic style to it, why not jazz up your Thanksgiving feast table with a taste of country? If you have a garden, you can easily pick your favorite flowers and dry them for your old fashioned centerpiece. You can also purchase dried flowers at craft retailers. An old worn cornucopia will complete this look, simply add the dry flowers around the base of it and inside. For a modern touch, add colorful water beads and place them around the flowers or in a small glass next to the centerpiece.

These interesting Thanksgiving decorating ideas are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. If you have any questions, contact us, and we’ll show you are extensive items available to purchase.

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Aqua Scents for Your Centerpiece Decor

Our sense of smell can be just as important as our eyes when it comes to enjoying home, business or event decor. While there’s nothing like elegant and beautiful decorations to show off your home or business, your centerpiece decor can smell wonderful as well with Aqua Scents.

These water-based scents are perfect for use with a variety of our products such as Water Beads, Crystal Soils and Water Crystals. They’re easy to use and give any room a fresh and pleasant scent that is intoxicating but never overpowering.

You can choose from a variety of scents such as:

French Vanilla
Macintosh Apple
Citrus Sage
Midnight Jasmine
Rose Garden
Fresh Linen
Wild Berry Harvest

Imagine having a nautical theme with blue and white Water Beads with the Ocean scent of Aqua Scents or perhaps you might enjoy a fall selection with fall colors and Macintosh Apple scent or Wild Berry Harvest. Each scent is not only non-toxic but are 100% water meaning there are no oils or alcohol.

Aqua Scents are affordable and make a great addition to any purchase of our products. Your room will have a light, enjoyable scent that will make everything smell fresh and pleasing. You can enjoy these in the bedroom, bathroom, living room or den and they are great for events such as weddings, parties and get-togethers of any kind. Why only go halfway with your decorating when you can add in delicious scents that everyone will enjoy?

When you want to make an impression choose Crystal Water Beads and Aqua Scents. Just contact us and we’ll help you get started on choosing everything you need to make your favorite room look and smell wonderful or every event a success.

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Crystal Water Beads Make Lovely Centerpieces

If you are looking to really looking to make your living room pop, you should seriously consider looking into using crystal water beads in your centerpiece. Crystal water beads are very versatile, only require a little water and uniquely add a lot of character to all of your decorative needs. Whether you are using a single color or a variety of colors, the beads give any room an exotic feel without having to spend a lot of money on high priced marble or glass stone. They are great compliments to flower arrangements and really make the arrangements come alive.

The uses of crystal water beads are only limited by your imagination. When displayed in clear glasses or crystal vases, you have an unlimited number of options with decoration. Since the beads are so versatile, you can carefully layer the colors so that the colors of the beads match the surrounding decor of the particular room. You can also use the beads to supplement other house plants. Not only do the beads look beautiful along houseplants, they actually support and help the plants grow. You may also use the beads alone and illuminate them with a submersible light and watch as they beam in all of their glory.

Whether at a dinner party, wedding reception or at any gathering, crystal water beads will give your celebration a beautiful quality that people will certainly be talking about. It’s all about flexibility with crystal water beads. However you decide to use them is unique to your own personality and style. In addition, they are an environmentally friendly and Green product. Create something that contains your own personal stamp on it and looks expensive without costing a lot of money.

For more information about crystal water beads or their uses, please, feel free to contact us or browse our website at:

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Haunted Water Beads

The days are getting shorter and darkness is exerting its power over the land. That can only mean it is getting close to Halloween! Halloween isn’t just for the kiddies as more and more adults get in on the fun. It’s a terrific time for a grown up spooky dinner party or sophisticated haunted cocktail get together. Whatever you choose for celebrating, Water Beads can enhance your décor. Here are four frighteningly easy projects.

Vampire Kisses: Fill a glass flower vase with regular red beads and arrange black silk roses and black painted tree sprigs. For added effect use some our submersible lights to illuminate the beads, it will look like Dracula has a crush on someone! Add a little Rose Garden Aqua-Scent to complete the scene.

Glowing Orbs: Fill any glass container with your choice of beads; fish-bowl shaped containers will give the best orb effect. Insert a glow stick, glow ring or other glow item that fits the container. The beads will glow with an eerie supernatural light. Try our glow-in-the-dark beads for a really spectacular effect.

Levitating Creepers: Fill a tall glass cylinder with clear beads. As you add beads drop in plastic spiders, bats, worms and other gross creepers. When the cylinder is filled with water the beads will become translucent and the creepy crawlies will appear to levitate!

Mood Lighting: In the right circumstance candles can make the atmosphere mysterious and sinister. Fill glass candle holders with your choice of Halloween colored beads. Push candles down in the beads and enjoy! Think outside the box of just black and orange. Give purple, green and red a try. Our Halloween Regular Party Mix is also a good choice. If you are concerned about open-flame candles our flower lights can be used instead.

The best part of using Water Beads in your Halloween décor is that once the ghostly holiday is over you can dry out your beads and reuse them next year. Get your spook on and contact us to order your haunted water beads!

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How to Create Simple Centerpiece Decorations Using Water Beads

The first thing you need to do is find a table or shelf that needs a little extra something. Why not create custom centerpiece decorations with dazzling light catching Crystal Water Beads? You can incorporate your favorite plant or you can also use simple and elegant touches like tea light candles or other festive details.

Take color into consideration before creating your centerpiece. The crystal water beads come in a variety of color options. You can mix and match to compliment your decor or you can create an interesting contrast with colors that work together in unexpected ways, for example; let’s suppose you have a dark red dining room wall color and deep brown wooden furniture. You could try mixing the teal shade with clear for a funky and fresh look that will work in spring and summer. Substitute clear for yellow if you really want to add a surge of energy to your look.

The best thing about The Water Bead Store is the fact that there are so many colors to choose from and your style options are endless. The even better news is the fact that you get a lot of product for just a tiny bit of money. You can literally transform an entire space for about $5-$10 and really add that “wow” factor.

The third step is to play around with your beads and find a container to create your one-of-a-kind art work. Try using a crystal bowl or clear glass plate with a turned up edge, add some water and place a few floating candles. You can even add a couple of blossoms from your garden to add an organic and breathtaking touch to your centerpiece decorations.

The final step is to take your dinner party or other gathering to the next level with just a simple, easy, elegant and not to mention inexpensive touch. You friends and family will really be surprised as the candle light plays off of the crystal beads creating a glittery and beautiful eye catching focal point. You can certainly entertain with the best of them now and the fact that it is so easy really makes crystal water beads a decorator’s new best friend. Go ahead and contact us to see more products and ideas.

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