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Get Creative With Water Beads

Crystal water beads are great for keeping your plants watered and add a splash of color as well. They also provide many other decorative possibilities.

Start spring off by decorating your home with beautiful Apple Blossom bouquets in a vase of pink water beads. Add a blast of color by placing a few Birds of Paradise in teal beads.

Planning a beach themed party? Try some pineapple colored rock soil beads in a dish or even a fishbowl. Add a couple mini bamboo stalks and some cute little sea shells and you have an instant centerpiece for your party. Try tossing some ice cube lights in the pool at night for a fun star-lit swim.

For autumn get-togethers try mixing red, yellow, and orange beads in a large serving bowl with some gorgeous fall colored maple leaves. Place a pumpkin behind it with an adorable scarecrow for a one-of-a-kind entryway decoration.

Christmas time is a great time to entertain your family and guests. There’s no better time to go crazy decorating your home so others can enjoy it. Put some instant snow in an old metal or wooden tub, make sure to put a plastic layer down first, add a mini snowman, maybe Santa with his sleigh, and a few mini cedar trees to complete the scene.

No matter what the occasion, water beads will be a beautiful addition to your party. We have many products available to suit your needs. There are many different sizes and shapes of beads to use in different situations. Contact us for more information. We’re glad to help.

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Crystal Water Beads Add That Special Touch To Your Holiday Centerpiece Decor

Photo by By Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar
Now that the leaves have started to fall we are beginning to think about the upcoming holiday season. This year we are more determined than ever to create something beautiful without spending a lot of money. As we searched the internet for ideas on how to design beautiful Christmas centerpiece decorations, we found many great ideas that are sure to dazzle your dinner guests.

Floating Candles
Take a large glass or crystal bowl and fill it most of the way up with green and red Crystal Water Beads. Next nestle a large votive candle in the center of the beads. You could use 3 small votives for added effect. To finish off the look, fill the bowl all the way to the brim with water and make sure the candles just barely clear the top of the water. Think about one large bowl flanked by two smaller bowls spread down the center of the table.

Red Flowers & Green Beads
Gather together one large White Amaryllis and 3 slightly smaller blooms in red (The Christmas Amaryllis), a large vase and green Crystal Water Beads. With the white bloom in the center and the 3 red blooms surrounding it, fill the vase half full of green crystal water beads so that the cut end of the stems are hidden. These colors make for a striking centerpiece on a Christmas table.

Winter Scene
Take a few pinecones and some decorative moss and arrange them on a large plate. The pinecones will serve as trees and the moss as the forest floor. Next activate some of our amazing Instant Snow Crystal and gently dust the trees and forest floor with “snow”. Now place a small snowman made from 3 sizes of small styrofoam balls held together with toothpicks in the center of your scene. You can decorate the scene with plastic animals and birds that your kids may have in their collection. Attach them to the scene with hot glue.

These are just a few of the ideas we found for Christmas centerpieces that you can make yourself. We are sure you can think of some other great ways to use our Crystal Water Beads in your holiday decorations. We would love to hear your ideas so please contact us to share your creativity.

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Crystal Water Beads Make Lovely Centerpieces

If you are looking to really looking to make your living room pop, you should seriously consider looking into using crystal water beads in your centerpiece. Crystal water beads are very versatile, only require a little water and uniquely add a lot of character to all of your decorative needs. Whether you are using a single color or a variety of colors, the beads give any room an exotic feel without having to spend a lot of money on high priced marble or glass stone. They are great compliments to flower arrangements and really make the arrangements come alive.

The uses of crystal water beads are only limited by your imagination. When displayed in clear glasses or crystal vases, you have an unlimited number of options with decoration. Since the beads are so versatile, you can carefully layer the colors so that the colors of the beads match the surrounding decor of the particular room. You can also use the beads to supplement other house plants. Not only do the beads look beautiful along houseplants, they actually support and help the plants grow. You may also use the beads alone and illuminate them with a submersible light and watch as they beam in all of their glory.

Whether at a dinner party, wedding reception or at any gathering, crystal water beads will give your celebration a beautiful quality that people will certainly be talking about. It’s all about flexibility with crystal water beads. However you decide to use them is unique to your own personality and style. In addition, they are an environmentally friendly and Green product. Create something that contains your own personal stamp on it and looks expensive without costing a lot of money.

For more information about crystal water beads or their uses, please, feel free to contact us or browse our website at:

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Haunted Water Beads

The days are getting shorter and darkness is exerting its power over the land. That can only mean it is getting close to Halloween! Halloween isn’t just for the kiddies as more and more adults get in on the fun. It’s a terrific time for a grown up spooky dinner party or sophisticated haunted cocktail get together. Whatever you choose for celebrating, Water Beads can enhance your décor. Here are four frighteningly easy projects.

Vampire Kisses: Fill a glass flower vase with regular red beads and arrange black silk roses and black painted tree sprigs. For added effect use some our submersible lights to illuminate the beads, it will look like Dracula has a crush on someone! Add a little Rose Garden Aqua-Scent to complete the scene.

Glowing Orbs: Fill any glass container with your choice of beads; fish-bowl shaped containers will give the best orb effect. Insert a glow stick, glow ring or other glow item that fits the container. The beads will glow with an eerie supernatural light. Try our glow-in-the-dark beads for a really spectacular effect.

Levitating Creepers: Fill a tall glass cylinder with clear beads. As you add beads drop in plastic spiders, bats, worms and other gross creepers. When the cylinder is filled with water the beads will become translucent and the creepy crawlies will appear to levitate!

Mood Lighting: In the right circumstance candles can make the atmosphere mysterious and sinister. Fill glass candle holders with your choice of Halloween colored beads. Push candles down in the beads and enjoy! Think outside the box of just black and orange. Give purple, green and red a try. Our Halloween Regular Party Mix is also a good choice. If you are concerned about open-flame candles our flower lights can be used instead.

The best part of using Water Beads in your Halloween décor is that once the ghostly holiday is over you can dry out your beads and reuse them next year. Get your spook on and contact us to order your haunted water beads!

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Water Beads Are An Amazingly Absorbent Polymer Technology

In the early 1960s, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was conducting work on materials to improve water conservation when they created the modern day absorbent polymer technology. These water absorbing polymers are also know as hydrogel. Imagine these long chains of molecules that are capable of absorbing huge amounts of water with the ability to release it to a plants roots sometime in the future.

Image source: Resources for the Future

This is the absorbent polymer technology that is used in agriculture, forestry, water conservation and landscaping applications. This technology has real world possibilities as a way to deal with severe drought.

At home this technology is commonly used for plants in containers and flowers in vases. Have you experienced the frustration of checking on a plant only to find it dry as a bone? This can be a daily occurrence in the long hot summer for our outdoor plants. Air conditioning indoors is also extremely drying to everything in your home, including your plants. Adding water beads or water cubes to the soil, or using our Hydro Soil, can greatly extend the amount of time between waterings. Think of this as a water storage system at the disposal of your plants and flowers.

This technology is completely biodegradable and is not considered to be a health hazard. In other words, they are safe to touch, to squeeze through your fingers, and to use in your garden, your houseplants and in your flower vases. By using these beads or cubes, you will not need to water as frequently. This means that you will not need to fertilize as often because your plant food is not washed out of the soil as quickly.

If you want to give your new plantings a head start this fall, add some to the soil before filling in the hole. Add some to your tilled soil and to all your outdoor planting containers. Don’t forget your houseplants and to add some special holiday magic, add some red & green beads to a Christmas vase of Holly or some orange, yellow and red beads to your Thanks giving center piece flowers.

If you would like some decorating ideas or if we can answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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