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Planting ideas for your kids

Gardening with your kids could be a fun activity for the whole family. Are you looking for something to do on a boring day with your kids? How about something that is fun and educational instead of TV or videogames? Well, look no further!

Planting can be a great activity for your kids because:

– It’s fun
– It’s educational
– It teaches them basic biology
– It also teaches kids about responsibility

It can be a great way to show your kids how to be responsible. They have to water and care for the seedlings if they want them to grow. If they are neglected they will not grow. So use this as an opportunity to show them how to be responsible.

A great media for kids to plant in are egg cartons. They are simple, cheap, and make less mess. Grab some potting soil, and some egg cartons, and our seeds of choice. You could successfully plant an egg carton herb garden. Using the egg cartons is as simple as filling them with soil, planting the seeds in each spot of the carton, and watering them.

One other great way for kids to grow things are socks. Have your child put on old pair of socks over their shoes. Next have them walk around a grassy area, or with a lot of plants. Then take a show box, and line it with a plastic bag, put the socks in the show box, fill it with soil, and water it. Socks are great at picking up seeds. Plants drop seeds everywhere. This could be an interesting experiment to see want kind of seeds you can find. Planting is a rewarding activity for children as well. They get to see something that they cared for, grow, and bloom.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some seeds, and get planting people!

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Water Beads Make a Bold Statement for Vases

People constantly strive to surround themselves with nature’s beauty. Consequently, they are eager to bring the outside in by showcasing beautiful bouquets in glass vases. The transparent quality of the glass allows the viewer to see all aspects of the flowers’ natural aspects: blooms, leaves, and stems–the way nature intended. You may ask yourself then how can this beauty be improved upon? An aesthetically pleasing addition that compliments and doesn’t detract is water beads for vases.

There are a greater variety of crystal water beads than you might first imagine. Their iridescent beauty comes in a rainbow of colors, sure to suit your every need. Having a wedding? We have clear or white products that will prove the perfect backdrop to your arrangements. Throwing a fun birthday party for a friend? Then perhaps try a vibrant blue or bright magenta to spice up the celebration. You can even mix the colors that you most love for a designer look all your own.

In addition to the array of colors, we also offer choice in size. If you have a smaller arrangement, perhaps you want to use our regular sized beads. Larger vases may call for larger beads or a mixture of the two sizes for a novel appearance.

Your arrangements with our crystal beads will only be as limited as your imagination. If you are new to floral arrangement, don’t panic. We even offer some video tutorials on a variety of topics that can help you create professional-looking presentations that won’t cost you exorbitant amount of money and that will give you the pleasure of creating something beautiful yourself.

Please contact us today to explore how we can assist you in making your floral design all that more eye catching and individual.

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Water Beads Are Not Just for Tables Anymore!

Ask any home decorator and they will tell you: It is the little details that make a difference in home decor. And people who love their homes will say that a little pop of color takes any drab ‘ho-hum’ room to a room that makes a statement. But sometimes infusing color into a room can be expensive, laborious, or difficult.

Ta Dah! Enter Crystal Water Beads! Use this great pop of color throughout any room and look as if you have hired a personal decorator. You might think that water beads are limited to the living room or boudoir. Au contraire, mon cher! These little powerhouses are great in your bathroom, kitchen or any room of the house. They are inexpensive, reusable, and give you more bang for your buck than a new set of throw pillows (and much easier to store!)

So give me some ideas, you say. Of course you can use them as a floral centerpiece. But get a little creative. Choose your bead color to match the flower color. Or better yet, pick a shade from the opposite end of the color wheel to make that arrangement pop. And don’t leave centerpieces confined to the dining table. How about on the mantle, the dresser, or even on the bathroom sink?

And water beads don’t just have to nestle with your flowers. Nest candles in a clear bowl to make a beautiful colorful display. Take them to the patio for that family barbeque or pool party. And if you are having overnight guests, use water beads in his/her favorite colors throughout the guest room.

A beautiful eye-catching display can also be made by positioning three clear jars or vases of different heights and shapes together with different colors of water beads in each. And parties, celebrations, and meetings are made all the more festive by using water beads strategically in the space.

So think outside the vase! Contact us for a great assortment at an awesome price!

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Gardening Permaculture Style with Crystal Water Beads

If you haven’t considered growing your own food, now may be the time. The latest estimates are that U.S. food prices will rise as much as 4% next year due to this season’s extreme drought. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could plant a new garden that would sustain itself for years without fertilizing, tilling, or heavy watering? That’s the beauty of permaculture.

Though commonly thought of as a gardening technique, permaculture is a methodology and framework for creating a sustainable way of life. Permaculture seeks to develop community and encourage people to carefully consider their resources. The goal is using resources wisely and ecologically so that you use less to get more. Permaculture is about cooperating with nature rather than forcing it to do your will. Basic permaculture actions might be doing an energy audit on your home to use less electricity, finding new ways to recycle or upcycle used items, using non-toxic or homemade cleaners, or redesigning your garden to use less water and produce more food.

If you are interested in growing your own food while using less water, Crystal Water Beads Hydro Grow can help you do that. Hydro Grow is a soil conditioner that helps maintain water retention over longer periods of time. Hydro Grow can help reduce plant watering by as much as 50% and can be used in a wide range of situations: potted plants, vegetable gardens, or industrial crop production. The product is biodegradable and nontoxic. One package covers 3 gallon-size potted plants for up to 8 years. Hydro Grow is a simple way to reduce your water consumption while increasing your produce yield: using less to get more. Contact us to learn more or to place an order.

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Water Beads For Plants & Flowers That Are Grown From “Seed Bombs” – The Kids Will Love This!

The next time you are out and about in your neighborhood with your children, have a look around at any vacant lots or neglected spaces you see. Take this time to discuss beautification of one’s environment and how we can contribute in a meaningful, but not expensive, way. One way that the kids could find some fun while planting seeds is to introduce them to “seed bombing”. You could take this opportunity to discuss the environment of your neighborhood and identify plants currently growing while also thinking about other plants or flowers that would add to the biodiversity.

Tell your children about how the forest service deals with those large burn areas that are completely devoid of plant life. Explain the idea of “seed bombs”, which are an effective way of re-planting those devastated areas. Usually the “bombs” are dropped from airplanes but you could suggest that the children could hide their bombs from potential enemy spies. A successful “bombing” will occur when the seeds begin to sprout.

Creating seed bombs is very easy and all you need are seeds, clay (like pottery clay) and potting soil. Combining the potting soil and the clay with some water to make everything moist but not soaked. You want to be able to form a ball shape and have it hold together. Next you will push the seeds into the mixture, use quite a few to insure successful planting. Allow for some drying (or hide the bombs while still moist) and then let your children plant the bombs in those bare and neglected patches. All you need to add is water. Springtime is the best time for seed bombing in most areas. Imagine their delight as your family walks become “missions” where you are checking to see if the bombs have “detonated”.

Once you have successful growth and can even cut some flowers, you should add to the beauty of your child’s “creation” by placing them in a beautiful vase filled with water beads. These amazing and beautiful water-holding beads will add a magical touch to the vase of flowers while insuring that they are receiving sufficient water to stay fresh. If you would like to hear more ideas for family fun, or if you want to learn more about water beads please contact us and let us know.

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